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Weeknotes: 2022, week 18

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[28 May]

Monday was a public holiday. My wife took the lift down to the storage room and up again a couple of times, carrying accessories and clothing back and forth. As a result, that very evening the kids bathed together for the first time (Breaker of Horses sitting in a special plastic chair inside the bathtub), and we all could squeeze in the kitchen for dinner (my son at a high chair with his own little tray).

On Tuesday my parents came along and helped with the kids. I took Miss Entropy to the paediatrician (it was nothing serious).

I took Wednesday and Thursday off to stay with the kids at home. That was very tiring, physically and mentally. And I had a busy week at work, so I sneaked in a few hours of work nonetheless (during their naps, or when my wife was around to help). The kids are both better now, but we preferred not to take them to school just yet.

On Saturday (early) morning I played padel for 1h30 with F. and a couple other neighbours. I wore the disposable contact lenses that I got recently for testing, and they worked great: after a while I didn't even notice them, and I didn't feel any discomfort at the end of the day. Even more importantly: I could see. Perhaps because of that, and because I wasn't particularly tired that day, I felt less clumsy than in previous occasions and I enjoyed the match quite a lot. We had some drinks afterwards, and then walked back home.

On Sunday I seemingly paid the price for thinking the day before that I'm young, fit and healthy, when in reality I'm neither of those things. We had plans to go meet my wife's sisters and her cousin for paella and to spend the day outside at my sister-in-law's place. But I woke up feeling so bad that I almost ducked out. I had nausea and felt as if I hadn't slept all night. Still, I decided to go. I spent most of the day lying down indoors and not eating a thing while everybody else sat outside in the grass, enjoying Spring under the sun, my sister-in-law's beautiful garden and the food and the drinks, and playing with the kids. In spite of my sorry state, I kept my composure all day and even managed not to throw up in the car in our way back home at night. I helped my wife with the kids until bed time, and then fell down in the bed.

During the week I continued plodding slowly through some Proust.

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