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Weeknotes: 2022, week 21

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[2329 May]

This week was mostly uneventful.

On Monday, I took Miss Entropy to her weekly swimming lesson. On Tuesday, my wife went to work to her office until late, I went for a routine visit with my ENT doctor, and my parents came along. On Thursday we both commuted to work; I had a nice (and free) lunch on the rooftop of our office building with several of my colleagues, and my parents picked up the kids around 15:30 and took them to the park. On Friday we went with the kids to a park nearby again, and it was deserted (it's hot in the afternoons already!), and later at night we moved Breaker of Horses to the bigger crib in the other room (so that now the siblings sleep together in the same room, and wife & I have recovered our own at last).

On Sunday, we all went to El Retiro park to visit Madrid Book Fair, which is always very pleasant and stimulating.

I received ▮,▮▮▮ from the tax office: my tax refund for the year 2021  and it felt great. Shortly after, I donated ▮,▮▮▮ to Ayuda Efectiva foundation: exactly 10% of my gross earnings during the past year, as I always do  and it felt even better.

Highly controversial toot of the week: