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Weeknotes: 2022, week 14

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[410 Apr]

This week we learnt early that our new car wouldn't be ready during the week. In fact, on Friday they told us the car had arrived, and so the day after we went to the dealer to see it in the flesh chassis  but it would have to sit idle there for a week or two while we do the payment and get it insured, and they complete all the paperwork.

On Wednesday, during our lunch breaks, my wife & I rode the motorbike and went to an optician's shop in a big shopping centre nearby. We got our eyesight tested, and ordered new glasses (×2). They'll give us a few pairs of test contact lenses (×2) for free, too.

On Thursday I went to the office as usual. During lunch I sneaked out to go collect a few family photos at a printing house just a few blocks away. Later in the evening, once back at home, we all went out to the estate garden, where we met a few neighbours and their kids for the first time in a good while (the weather got much better, that's why). And later at night, wife and I used those photos to compose two cute pages on a scrapbook that is making the rounds amongst the families of all the babies at the nursery school (it was homework for parents).

On Friday, my wife took the car to a repair shop to get a couple new wheels installed (in preparation for selling it), and then stayed working at the office. At home, I cooked one of my favourite dishes [recipe in Spanish], and when she came back we had a very late lunch together. In the afternoon, after work, we took the kids to the park and met some friends there. Oh, and we both got our haircuts done (at different times and places; come on, we're not that kind of couple!).

Saturday was for household chores and grocery-shopping, and on Sunday we drove to Granada to spend a week with my parents.

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