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Weeknotes: 2022, week 16

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[1824 Apr]

This was a busy week.

On Monday morning, Miss Entropy went on an excursion to a farm school nearby with all her classmates. We got a brand new cable modem installed for free at home.

On Tuesday the morning routine was a mess and a horror (in hindsight, after a few weeks: it was surrealistic and totally hilarious). Starting around breakfast, Miss Entropy chained one tantrum after another, my wife struggled to get the kids ready for school in a reasonable time (I was already busy with my first meeting of the day), then they all left home amidst cries (the daughter) and shouts (the mother), then returned home because my wife had forgotten something important then left again and returned again because my wife still had forgotten her phone or something, then I heard weird noises coming from the lift and even louder swearing coming from my wife's mouth (clearly audible through the walls) (cries from Miss Entropy permanently in the background) and they all reappeared (the only lift in the building had stopped working right then), the kids stayed with me while my wife carried the stroller down the stairs (I think I was actually at a meeting right then), and finally my wife went up the stairs again, took the kids, and left. Then there was silence and calm. (Have kids. It's beautiful.)

On Wednesday we received a bed barrier we had ordered at Amazon and put it in the guests bed that Miss Entropy would start using soon.

On Thursday I went to the office, where I had a face-to-face meeting with my new squad (I had just changed teams) and lunch with colleagues. Breaker of Horses is sick (again): the last breath of the previous week's otitis, or something new? Regardless, nights started being tiring again for him and for us two. The Škoda dealer called to tell us the car would be ready the day after.

On Friday my wife went out a few times: to take the kids to school and later to pick them up, and also to get our old car cleaned. And now that we knew the licence plate of the new car, she also sorted out by phone the insurance for it. At last, we walked together to the dealer, got behind the wheel of the beast, and drove back home via a small detour. (The first impression was very sweet with a hint of bitter; but more about the car sometime in a future post.) In the evening we drove both cars to go visit my wife's sister, spend a little while with them all, and leave the old one there  snif (my sister-in-law bought it from us).

On Saturday we went to a shopping centre to collect our new glasses (×2) and contacts (×2), to buy some food, and to buy a box of Manolitos. Our friends F. & S. had invited us for lunch, and so we had cocido and the Manolitos at their place.

On Sunday, my wife took the kids with her on a visit to some old friends. In the meantime, I went on a beautiful biking route. At night, I took Breaker of Horses to the hospital (again): it's just a cold; we started putting some drops on his eyes, but only that. Nights are tiring.

Have kids. It's beautiful.

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