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Weeknotes: 2022, week 17

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[25 Apr 1 May]

On Monday I took our brand new car to a local official repair shop (which is very close, too) to tell them about an issue that we had the same day we got the car. Their answer was as expected as unsatisfactory.

On Tuesday my wife charged the car for the first time, in the parking lot of her company  just a bit, and very slowly: only the two slow charging points were available, and anyway we were still experimenting with the whole electric thing. In the afternoon I took the kids to a park, but it started pouring and I had to run with them to find shelter. Miss Entropy and I ended up standing helplessly in the street with our backs pushing against the side of an apartment building, while I tried to keep Breaker of Horses' stroller dry under a plastic bag that I had spread out. I called my wife, who was wrapping up at work anyway, and fortunately she appeared soon after riding her beautiful electric beast, and rescued us.

On Friday it was sunny and warm, but the sand in the parks was still somewhat wet from the recent rains, and so the kids had a great time playing in it and getting all dirty.

On Saturday we met our friends L. & P. and their kids in Guadarrama. We had lunch and then went to La Jarosa dam for a nice walk and to play in the shore.

On Sunday we met my parents at their place: we had beers in the main square and then the usual delicious lunch cooked by my mum. Miss Entropy refused to sleep siesta, and so later in the evening she was irritable and whiny. The short trip out and back was useful for us to start figuring out the consumption patterns of the new car. We started getting the hang of it.

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