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Weeknotes: 2022, week 19

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[9โ€“15 May]

Warm days already; sometimes even hot. After work/nursery, we often went to nearby parks with the kids, or spent time in the evenings down here in our estate, where we met our neighbours and their little ones too. Breaker of Horses plays a lot with the sand now.

We also attended our friend C.'s second birthday party and had a great time with her, her parents, and some acquaintances.

It seems my wife and I now drag assorted, quasi-permanent mild physical discomforts of one sort or another. (Is this the new normal, now that we're parents of two? ๐Ÿ˜ค) This week it was her back aching intermittently, and me experiencing slight bumps from my nauseating tiredness of the previous weekend.

More from the sickness dept: on Thursday Breaker of Horses had some fever while at school. I went to pick him up earlier than usual, and that night he had another bout of fever. We feared for the little trip we had planned for the long weekend (Friday: day off; Monday: public holiday), but in the end he was sufficiently OK, and we went to visit our friends near Sagunto, in the coast of Valencia.

Because this was going to be our first โ€œlongโ€ road trip, and to be extra cautious, my wife had charged the car battery up to 93% of its maximum capacity (don't do this at home: keep the SoC within the range 20%โ€“80% for optimum performance and battery life). The outbound trip went very well: we stopped just once to recharge, which we did in ~30โ€ฒย โ€”ย in fact, the family took longer to stretch their legs, visit the loo, and drink and eat something. In total, we made ~400 km (Madridโ€“Sagunto) and consumed a total of ~94% of our battery capacity (or ~72 KWh). In other words: if we had set off with a full battery (again: better not to do this) we would have arrived to Sagunto with 6% of capacity still available. Talk about electric range! (Spoiler alert: consumption was noticeably higher in the return trip. Hint: downhill vs uphill!)

When we arrived we met our friends R. & C. and their kids and went for a walk to the little port nearby. Saturday and Sunday we spent at the beach in the mornings, eating at local restaurants, relaxing and going for walks in the eveningsโ€ฆ and trying to get Miss Entropy to stop complaining and go to sleep at the end of every day because she was so out of her routine and place.

Toot of the week: