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Weeknotes: 2022, week 25

· 2 min read

[2026 Jun]

At long last I fell pray to The Unspeakable:

Positive covid test

I was knackered and had mild fever for two days, and then felt funny for another two or three  but that was all. The worst part was that we decided to do the responsible thing, ie letting daycare know about my positive and not sending the kids there for a few days, and so I had to take care of the kids at home in my sorry state. I had at times much help from my wife, but still what I really wanted was to lay down and let the day pass away, not having to look after others.

On Sunday we all were well again, and we went to the big park that we like so much, with pedal-less bicycle and snacks and everything.

News about Julian Assange angered me. I elaborated on my position about blockchains (probably alienating both fans and haters as usual, because my views are nuanced and I have criticism for both camps).

I composed this ode to the metaverse:

Sea aquí este verso
el más simple que haya
que como del propio verso habla
en todo lo «meta» se halla inmerso

Por ser verso que de verso versa
es circular y autorreferente
desde la página me mira de frente
cobra vida, y conmigo conversa:

¿Qué es el metaverso? dices de pronto
(cuando de los propios versos hablas tú)
¿Qué es el metaverso? ¿Y tú me lo preguntas?
El metaverso… eres tú.

Toot of the week: