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Weeknotes: 2022, week 27

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[410 Jul]

We spent the week at my parents' in Granada: my brother and his girlfriend were visiting after quite a while away from home, and we didn't want to miss them.

We now have an adapter to charge our EV from a standard AC domestic outlet. The morning after we arrived my dad and I noticed that the extension lead we had used all night was a bit too hot (and perhaps it was limiting the charging power), so that day we went to a store and bought a thicker long cord (for ~50).

On Friday Miss Entropy, my wife and I went to Parque de las Ciencias, an amazing science museum we have had in Granada since 1995 that keeps on growing in surface, pavilions and activities. Nowadays it even has an aquarium and a little zoo indoors (apart from the old butterfly house). Like last time, I especially liked the live workshop about predatory birds. We all had a good time. Miss Entropy is just starting to be old enough to tolerate an hour or two of interactive museum at a relaxed pace.

On Saturday my parents hosted a beautiful family gathering around the barbecue and the swimming pool. The cousins staged an old photograph we took years ago  now updated with the new family members (girlfriends and children).

And on Sunday we went back to Madrid.

This week, by chance, I found support from Putanumonit for my claim that everything is quantifiable and should be quantified, and a post by Scott Alexander that seems to agree with me to some extent in that we all should use QALY's more often than we use other units like dollars, hours or calories.

Toot of the week: