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Weeknotes: 2022, week 28

· 2 min read

[1117 Jul]

Back home in Madrid.

During the week I ran some errands. One evening I went grocery shopping with Miss Entropy (I always try to make it fun and different for her). Another day I rode my bike to some office in the city centre and handed over documents to apply for a scholarship grant for Breaker of Horses.

And another day I went to get my haircut done while waiting for the car to recharge🔋 at a public charging station. It so happened that duration(haircut) < duration(charge), and since I was forcibly removed from any possible responsibility or chore (by virtue of my being away from home) and all I had to do was waiting, and I had: a) coffee, b) podcasts, and c) air conditioning, I found sudden, if also ephemeral, bliss.

In the weekend we went to visit my wife's sisters to celebrate yet another family birthday.

I advocated privacy as I do regularly.

And I read such an interesting profile of Derek Parfit in The New Yorker that I mentally bumped his book even higher on my to-read list.

Toot of the week: