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Weeknotes: 2022, week 30

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[2531 Jul]

On the family front, my parents came from Granada to visit for a few days, as they often do (with plenty of delicious food as usual), and we celebrated yet another family birthday.

The kids went to their last two swimming lessons of this school year. Friday was indeed the last day of school. This week we also said goodbye to our cleaning lady of more than one year.

Thursday was day at the office for me, including (free) lunch in the rooftop with colleagues (that's always very nice). My company formally green-lighted that I teach a course about web languages (HTML, XML, JSON, RSS, etc) at a local private university. The subject is part of a two-year professional training degree in web development, and I'll have to be available to students for online tutorials for five hours a week during the entire academic year.

Also on Thursday (night) I took Miss Entropy to ER due to her bad sleeping and swollen tonsils. In the end, we two were there for > 3 hours, they pricked her arm twice to draw blood for analyses, it got late and she was tired and hungry (not to mention sick) and she behaved impeccably: she was all patience and resignation, and did not shed a single teardrop. I was so impressed and proud of her. (Diagnosis: possible mononucleosis.)

On Friday she slept very badly, the poor thing. She still had swollen tonsils and lots of mouth sores, and was whiny and sensitive all day.

On Saturday Miss Entropy finally started to look and feel a bit better. We went to visit my parents, and she threw up in the car, right after we had parked and just as we were getting her out of her seat. But that was all, and she was mostly OK throughout the day.

Those who read the news think that things have never been worse.
Those who read history know that things have never been better.

While grocery shopping, I spotted a shameful attempt at dishonest packaging (apparently the same product, or an extremely similar one, but Nutri-Score Ⓓ vs Ⓐ!):

Toot of the week: