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Weeknotes: 2022, week 32

· 2 min read

[8–14 Aug]

On August the 8th we were on holidays, and that morning I went for a short ride with my motorbike; I did some nice roads I knew already, and also took the opportunity to take a look at a couple neighbourhoods in little towns near home where we have spotted flats of the kind we might buy some day:

From Wednesday to Sunday we were in Cantabria for family holidays. We went to a few beaches, visited a few quaint villages, etc. We had a bumpy outbound journey, so much so that it took us eight and a half hours to get to the AirBnb (instead of the expected 5.5h) due to: bad memory, the unpredictable and annoying needs of little kids, serendipity, traffic, having an EV, the sorry state of EV charging stations, my bad head, wrong directions. Perhaps the highlight of the outward trip was stopping at a Tesla supercharger for the first time (that charging station was not the issue):

The trip was filled with little mishaps. Two examples: hundreds of mosquitoes in a room the first night; for some cars it's a very bad idea to put the only keys inside the trunk and close the trunk before opening any of the other doors.

Toot of the week: