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Weeknotes: 2022, week 37

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[1218 Sep]

On Monday evening, after work, I rode my motorbike to that other town to take a look at a three-bedroom flat for sale. I liked it quite a lot: it was roomy, almost new, with a lot of natural light, a big balcony, and inside a nice big estate with a swimming pool and green spaces to play and mingle. It was also bordering our budget. I told my wife about it and the next day we arranged with the estate agency for her to go see it with her own eyes. (Spoiler alert: a few days later, we made a formal offer to the homeowners and started doing our research about mortgages etc, we negotiated with them for a week [raising our price twice], we assumed it was a done thing, we sent all kinds of sensitive and intimate documents to a bunch of banks and in the last minute the owners said no.)

My daughter has been attending school for four hours a day all week. So far, so good.

On Friday afternoon we met our friends and neighbours C. and her parents in the park.

And on Sunday we went to Juan Carlos I park, as we sometimes do on the weekend. It's always a nice time in there: Miss Entropy rides her little bike, Breaker of Horses tries to climb and scratches with his tiny fingernails and licks every slide and swing, I enjoy looking very disapprovingly at silly families who dump bag-loads of stale loafs of bread to the pond causing forty million huge carps jump out of the murky water and fight violently for them, and my wife looks after us all.

Toot of the week: