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Weeknotes: 2022, week 4

· 3 min read

[2430 Jan]

Now that I'm writing these notes (based on my daily pages, as usual) I realise that last week we met several people many times, and did lots of things (by our boring standards, anyway!).

On Monday we got the flat cleaned, a technician came along for the yearly revision of the boiler, and I took Miss Entropy to her swimming lesson.

We saw family again a few times this week, even if we had to cancel yet another family gathering on Wednesday to celebrate an anniversary because my wife was too busy with meetings late into the evening. We also managed to meet our neighbour friends F & S and their daughter a couple of times over the week: the girls sometimes play together at our residential area or theirs, or in the park. And on Saturday, my wife and I went to a shopping mall in the Madrid area to run a couple of quick errands.

One of the things we did when visiting relatives was to make a stopover at the public library. We love public libraries. I spent so much time in them when I was a little boy my parents used to drop me and my little brother off at the library for hours some mornings in the weekend. My wife is quite a bookworm, too. I wish my kids will get to enjoy those places at least half as much as I do.

Breaker of Horses had yet another medical appointment: he's doing great, but he's a bit under the ideal weight, and so we have been going to see this nice old paediatrician a few times lately. I took advantage of the location, and this time we went for a different walk after our appointment at the health centre.

On the new car front, we went to a dealership nearby to see the Škoda Enyaq iV 80, which we quite liked. It is bigger than the previous two we had contemplated, including a more spacious trunk  and the battery has slightly more capacity. It is also the most expensive so far. We are still doing the maths, and thinking also about HEV's (hybrids) and PHEV's (plug-in hybrids).

I stumbled upon a great quote by the great Steven Pinker, and shared it on Mastodon:

And finally, yesterday (Sunday) I gathered at last enough energy and willpower to go out and run a bit: ~5.2 km in ~30. I felt heavy and relatively quite tired, but enjoyed it nevertheless. Unfortunately, my machinations to arrange a padel match for my wife and friends failed: I booked the court and paid for the hour, but in the end my wife and S couldn't find two more girls to play 💸