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Weeknotes: 2022, week 40

· 2 min read

[3–9 Oct]

Some days this week Miss Entropy took her brand new scooter to school.

On Monday I went alone to that other town to visit yet another flat for sale. I quite liked it, and took lots of pictures to show later to my wife (but she went herself to see it some days later and didn't like it as much as I did).

On Saturday we all went to Dehesa Boyal in San Sebastián de los Reyes again for a little hike. My daughter had her class mascot “on loan”, to take care of during the weekend. So we took it with us, showed it around the countryside, and took funny pictures with it. The day after we printed some of those photos and composed a collage on the first page of the class scrapbook (my daughter had the honour of being the first carer of the mascot), which we returned on Monday, together with the little stuffed animal itself.

This week I did something that I have to do from time to time to preserve my sanity: I double-checked that, according to the most authoritative definition in Spanish (and yes, it's not perfect, I know that), I am a feminist, and that it is the ones who promote ideas and policies that run counter to that definition who are the lunatics hurting feminism.

Toot of the week: