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Weeknotes: 2022, week 5

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[31 Jan 6 Feb]

Last week we had a couple of appointments to go and see apartments for sale in a town nearby. We had to cancel the first one in the last minute because my wife was too busy with work to jump in the car, drive there and do the visit (not that it's too far from where we live now). The day after I went to see the other one, only with Breaker of Horses this time. I liked the quality of the construction materials and the finish, and the residential area was very pleasant and well equipped (every corner was spotless). But when I told my wife about all the pros and cons, we agreed that it was too small for us: with two little kids growing up, and both of us working from home most of the time, we really need some room.

On Thursday morning I ventured into Madrid city centre, with Breaker of Horses in his little rucksack. The two men of the family had a nice walk around Chueca and Tribunal, ran some errands, and sat down at a terrace for a drink and something to eat (and a dummy and a rattle). Public transportation rules. Madrid is by no means the worst city to walk, take the underground, or take the bus; on the contrary.

I started reading a book written by a relative of mine, and another one written by an acquaintance. I've always felt a strange duty to read anything that my friends and family members write, no matter how removed from my interests the subject be or how competent a writer my friend/relative be. I think it's because, being kind of an unsuccessful writer myself, I appreciate a lot the merit of sitting down for hours to finish a manuscript, the difficulty in being that persistent and that talented. I also think that person and book complement each other: the book gets you (even) closer to your friend, and personally knowing the author of the work informs the reading in a unique way.

On the weekend we all got in the car and went for a short hike nearby. It was colder than we were expecting, but also sunny and nice. Miss Entropy needs to start walking faster and for longer for the sake of her dad's back

And as usual in these days, we met our neighbour friends F & S and their daughter a couple times last week, too.

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