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April 2024, third week

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Monday 15th
Cooking dinner (for others 🥦).


Tuesday 16th
Eating lunch with my wife in the patio (we both WFH'd that day). The weather now is perfect for these little pleasures in the middle of the work day. I made one of my favourite dishes (recipe in Spanish) and accompanied it with cider and grapes.


Wednesday 17th
Another little pleasure: to go running during the work break.


Thursday 18th
Breaker of Horses had hurt his arm a bit at school the day before. He stayed at home so we could watch him. In the end, it was nothing serious. Here he was napping on the sofa.


Friday 19th
At work. On the wall: TypeScript, emacs and VS Code cheat sheets; many cheesy pics of — and drawings by — my kids. On the desk: reMarkable 2; water bottle; a couple O'Reilly books and a comic book used as a stand; earbuds; eye drops.


Saturday 20th
Hiking with the family Here, the kids and I saying hello to a nice horse.


Sunday 21st
Short biking route. I rode 70 km on nice winding secondary roads, and it was wonderful. There were so many cyclists and motorcyclists. Here I stopped for a coffee at a bikers watering hole.

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