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Weeknotes: 2022, week 13

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[28 Mar 3 Apr]

On Wednesday I took Breaker of Horses to the paediatrician for a check-up. He has gained weight, and is closer to the 50th percentile now.

I spent Thursday at the office, as usual  and enjoyed it as usual.

We paid a deposit for the new car, and my wife got a surprisingly good quote for the old one (with semiconductors being in short supply, and now the war in Ukraine, the market for second-hand vehicles is very hot).

On Friday, I started two different things: I started reading volume III of Marcel Proust's In Search of Lost Time, and I started another month of April in #dailyphotos (this is the 15th year in a row!).

On Friday I also went to see yet another ophthalmologist, and after at least two different specialists in so many years, this time the diagnosis was shockingly different: apparently I do not have a stain in the macula causing my loss of vision, and I do need new glasses. This news left me puzzled and hopeful. In hindsight it's the obvious answer: I am more short-sighted now than a few years ago. D'oh! But the fact that two (maybe even three) oculists thought they saw a different problem with my eyes, and didn't even mention medical prescriptions for new glasses, had had me all frustrated for the last few years (and feeling very unquiet when driving at night, for example).

This was also a week of nice family meetings: Saturday outside Madrid with my wife's relatives for a very long lunch at the family-owned restaurant (see the second photo below), and Sunday in a different village at my parents' (where we also met briefly their old friends A. & L.). Also on Sunday, I made the most of everybody else's afternoon naps, and resumed work on a short story I started writing a year or so ago. I'm very eager to finish it, but I've been struggling for a few months to find the time and the focus to complete the first draft.

Daily photos (13 Apr):

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