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· 15 min read

The problem with the ubiquitous five-star rating system is that you cannot assign negative value to things. (What would the opposite of a star be? A black hole? Something that sucks light instead of emitting it)

I mean a negative rating as in this entirely fictional customer review:

My rating: minus-⭐!
I bought this power drill back in August and I was so excited to use it.
Well, it drilled
backwards and it trepanned my skull!
Very painful. Avoid this product.

Or this one:

My experience at the première:
The film was so disgusting that it made me dizzy first, then gave me seizures, and finally a voice in my head somehow convinced me to devote the rest of my life to gently tapping with a teaspoon the forehead of every person around me, incessantly.
That was six years ago.
Writing this from the madhouse now. Not too bad in here, actually.
(I still give the film five black holes for the damage caused! Four black holes, tops.)